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Speech delay – 2 year old

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Begindang nih kalo stay at home. Stres ga karuan mikirin Pael yang ga kunjung ngomong. Jadi aja googling2 lagi. Lumayan nih ada yang kena di hati, menjawab pertanyaan gw (

Although it’s not typical, your 2-year-old’s situation is not necessarily cause for great concern, either. Some more cautious and reserved 2-year-olds tend to wait until they understand a great deal of what they hear before they actually speak. Look for these signs of language readiness:

* Does your child point to objects? Pointing to a toy he wants or to a picture in a book is closely related to the beginning of actual speech. –> Yes he does, especially after the therapy. Now he points to the milk, to his glass, to pictures. Before, no at all

* Does he seem to understand what you say? Does he react when you call his name when you’re out of sight? The ability to understand language precedes the ability to talk. If your child seems to comprehend a great deal of what others are saying, he’s well on his way to talking. –> He absolutely does, even complex statement

* Does your child use gestures and facial expressions to communicate? Many kids communicate what they need nonverbally, and in fact most 2-year-olds develop a host of nonverbal signals. –> Lately yes. Before therapy he was just silent. When pup, he now tapping his pants.

* Does your child grunt? Research shows that the little grunts 2-year-olds make while pointing to pictures or playing with their toys are actually a kind of commentary. Children who aren’t yet talking and don’t grunt are more likely to later be diagnosed with a language delay. –> After therapy, he shows significant improvement. Before he was just silent, now he made car’s or gun’s sound

Trus ini ada jawaban yang bagus banget nih:
My 27 month old has a vocabulary of a 5 year old, but my best friend’s son, who is 2 days younger than my daughter, can’t say but about ten words. Kids are different. My friend got worried and had her son evaluated and a speech therapist now comes to her home two days a week. But that wasn’t helping much until she started babysitting my daughter. He picks up a lot from her; I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference until I saw it with my own eyes. Maybe try to spend more time around other two year olds? They learn best by play and it couldn’t hurt at any rate.

Berarti bener dong dimasukkin preschool bisa ngebantu? tapi preschool yang gw mau pake bahasa inggeris .. waduuuh .. suseeeh suseeeh.

Anyway, dari hasil googling2 ini betapa inginnya gw jadi WNA(merika). Untuk umur 3thn ke atas, speech therapy is a free service by a school district, ada Act nya sendiri. Ini dia yang namanya pajak itu dari rakyat untuk rakyat. di Indo? ga tau deh kemana uang pajak gw larinya .. *sigh*


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May 31, 2011 at 3:57 pm

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