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It’s 0:48 singapore time .. 11:45 my laptop time ..

I couldnt sleep.  I woke up almost an hour ago, thinking, worrying .. same worries I’ve ever had. Will he talk?  Then I started to google again for speech delay.  Many same cases, but it doesnt stop me worrying it. 

It’s been his 5th speech therapy.  I dont see his improving much.  He does improve his receptive skill.  He understands complex tasks, he even knows how to operate the DVD player.  Once during the playgroup trial, he was looking for something in my bag.  I didnt understand what he wanted, untill I realized he’s looking for food because I said “it’s snack time”.  But then I didnt have his food in my bag then told him that the food was in his bag and he has to look for it.  Then he went to all bags hanging there (it was completely 1 round), then he stopped and pointed to his bag.  So I do know that he understands what I say .. he just cannot say what he wants (yet).

I read a lot of articles about speech delay.  Started around 2 weeks ago, it just came across my mind that I never read reference from abroad, then I found this site to be very usefull (or gave me more stress??)  Too bad that we dont have complete exercise as in US.

Anyway, I’m noting down all the techniques now and will teach them to the nanny.  This is really dillema to me.  Should I just take long leave so I can really focus on him?  At least for 2 months?  So I can really take care of him, watch his progress closely, apply every single techniques possible?  I think I will have to do it if no significant improvement by the time he is 2.5yo.  I should start making a journal of his progress.. (Also start to save some money just in case).

God, please give me strength…


Written by desinamangkuprawira

May 23, 2011 at 11:56 pm

Posted in Farrell, Terapi Wicara

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